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Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

A sanity check for those who dream of self-employment

By Cynthia Baughan Wheaton

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If you dream of self-employment, discover your answers to three important questions:

  1. Are you personally ready to start your own business?
  2. Can you make a profit from your investment of time and money?
  3. Should you proceed?

Whether you are thinking about starting a new business, expanding an existing business, joining a partnership, or generating profit from a hobby, this book is for you!

Get practical advice related to business and life, including:

o  Essential ingredients for successful business ownership.

o  Related lifestyle considerations.

o  A Personal Readiness Inventory.

o  How to deal with critical input from others.

o  Evaluation of personal obligations; both financial & non-financial.

o  Where to spend money first.

o  The use of outside experts.

o  A plan for estimating viability.

o  Considerations for people of faith.

o  Common causes of business failure.

o  The importance of realistic expectations.

Imagine sitting down with an experienced entrepreneur – getting practical tips, cautionary tales, and challenging questions. This book is the equivalent. A step-by-step thought-process highlights critical issues and empowers you to build a Business Plan.

After growing up in an entrepreneurial household, and earning an MBA when few women sought one, Cynthia Wheaton spent eight years developing new businesses within corporate America. After more than twenty-five years of self-employment as a business consultant, Cynthia generously shares start-up lessons as well as lifestyle considerations. If you answer the questions posed, you should be able to determine whether or not to proceed.

What have you overlooked? Is it possible to make your dream a reality? If those questions haunt you – buy this book!


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