• Plan

    Written plans save time & headaches. They don’t have to be complicated.

  • Market

    Products need cost-effective and appropriate marketing.

  • Produce

    Quality, cost and convenience are key considerations.

  • Analyze

    Know where you’ve been & where you are -- to define where you’re going.

Welcome! Work is important and so is life.

Let’s take a break and share a cup of coffee. The Entrepreneur’s Friend offers practical business guidance, character encouragement and spiritual insight to help you plan, start and grow your business. We do not have all of the answers — and not every post will suit your situation — but you will find support and helpful ideas. In that light, I hope we will become friends as we look at our work and our lives.

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Our Lives: Mind

Change happens. Prepare. Accept. Adapt. As we expand and strengthen our brains, our businesses benefit.

Our Lives: Body

Too much work can make us cranky and creaky. Simple habits can minimize the distractions of poor health.

Our Lives: Spirit

Our businesses reflect us – the real us. It’s never too late to change for the better.

Our Lives: Relationships

We need others -- family, friends, neighbors & peers. Help them understand how to support you and vice versa.