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Writing a Book is Eerily Similar to Starting a Business

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At long last, my first book has been published! (More on that later.) I have always viewed authors as small business owners. Now I can attest that the process of writing, publishing and marketing a book is eerilyFront Cover 790 1 JPG 040315 for Amazon similar to starting a small business:

o   We must start with an idea. Then we must grow it, focusing and refining our efforts as we go.

o  Planning is important. I spent 18 months developing appropriate book content.

o  Competition can be fierce. How will our product stand out from the crowd?

o  Marketing can be daunting. Are we willing to invest the time and energy?

o  The process can bog us down before we get to the finish line. Passion is necessary to keep going. Frustration and lack of patience can thwart us.

o  Personal fears must be faced. Will anyone want to buy our product?

o  We have to step outside our comfort zone. For me, navigating through the self-publishing process was daunting.

o  Input from others is helpful, even if we choose to consider but reject it.

o  The development process takes longer than we expect. Even after my manuscript had been proofed by me, my husband, and a friend, it was not complete. For a number of weeks, I would wake up in the morning, incredulous that I had forgotten yet another important idea. When three or four days passed without one of these “eureka” moments, I knew it was time to proceed. Finally.

o  We need to “go public” even though our product is not perfect, because it never will be.

o  Operations matter. My self-publishing process was much more frustrating than the writing process. It was hard! But, I stuck with it and eventually overcame the hurdles.


After observing my struggle, my husband says he became thoroughly turned off to the idea of writing his own book.  He asked me if I would consider writing another book. My response? “Of course I will because it will be much easier the next time.”

Am I glad to be published? You bet!

Let me tell you a bit about my new “offspring.” A small but mighty book with a long name!

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

A sanity check for those who dream of self-employment

By definition, you have probably made the leap to self-employment. But, if you know people who are considering such a decision, please recommend my book. Whether their business ideas are bad, not appropriate right now, or fabulous – they will be able to determine the viability of their ideas by answering the questions asked in the book.

Several people have bought copies for family members or friends. At 82 pages, it is helpful but not intimidating. If you are looking for a gift for graduation, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion, show your support for someone who dreams of self-employment. Only $5.99 plus tax & shipping from! Buy it here.

Thank you for your support! It is good to be back, blogging on issues we care about as entrepreneurs.

Until we meet again,

The Entrepreneur’s Friend


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