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Words Matter: How Do You Encourage Your Team?

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Our Work

Our Work

Whether your small business “team” consists of paid employees or outside contractors, the verbal messages they are given matter.  This was reinforced to me this week as I observed communication and teamwork at its best.

My husband and I have been sprucing up our home a bit.  After seventeen years, it was in need of a minor facelift, and part of that was to re-work our kitchen cabinets.

Three cabinet makers arrived in the promised time-frame.  They worked smoothly together — a well-oiled machine.  Even when they faced an unexpected obstacle, they worked it through together without complaint or argument.

Then I heard the lead craftsman, Joe Specht, reinforce their strategy in a calm and positive tone:

“Adapt and overcome.”


Do not complain or curse.

Do not blame.

Do not walk away.

Do not do use substandard techniques to camouflage a problem.

Difficulties will arise.  Acknowledge that, find an acceptable solution, and move on with the job.

Clearly, this was not only an operational strategy, but a motivational motto.  When Joe verbalized it, my impression is that it was reinforcement to the team – not a new idea.

Thanks, guys.  Job well done!


When difficult strikes, what do you say to others to encourage and keep them focused?  What do you say to yourself?


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