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Where Do You Look for Treasure?

Posted at July 10, 2015 | By : | Categories : Body,Mind,Our Lives,Relationships,Spirit | 0 Comment
Treasured memories from days too quickly gone.

Treasured memories from days too quickly gone.

Are your eyes open?

As it has been throughout history, the world is a scary place. But there is beauty right in front of you.

Are you looking for it?

Are you looking at it?

This summer, take extra time to enjoy the treasure you may otherwise ignore. Do this even if you have extended vacation plans during a different season of the year.



Beauty that changes and sometimes disappears completely.

I fully understand the hectic life of self-employment. When we are fortunate, we love what we do and the days flash by us. One year can easily roll into the next.

Take a break for a defined amount of time.

Do contingency planning.



Soak life in.


Until we meet again,

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