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What Do You Need to Adjust?

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Our Work

Our Work

The first half of the calendar year is over.  Done.  It cannot be changed.

If you have reflected on the performance of your small business year-to-date, you must have identified one or more concerns, or opportunities to make adjustments, going forward.

Changes do not have to be big or time-consuming to be effective!

The coming weekend is a chance for most of us to take much needed time with loved ones or simply relax.  Make the most of that.  Self-employed people need down time!

But, before you go, choose one business-related thing (i.e., project, plan or system) to tweak next week when you return to the office.  That way, you will be ready to take care of that issue right away – before you are pulled into the day-to-day details of your work.

Happy 4th of July!


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