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Step Up to the Plate

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We are all familiar with the Scout motto:  Be Prepared!  All aspects of life benefit from preparation.  But, we need to be able to go beyond preparation and have the willingness to take action when action is required.

It is much easier to take action when we expect the need to arise.  But, sometimes we are taken off guard.

When my daughter was in the seventh grade, I volunteered to chaperone at the middle school’s eighth grade dance.  I wanted to check out this activity before it would be her turn to attend.  I had questions:  Were the girls wearing long or short dresses?  Did anyone have fresh flowers?  Did most students have dates?

There were plenty of chaperones.  We rotated through the dance area and the refreshment area without specific assignments.  Then, I found myself in one of those moments.  You know, the ones where there is a problem and you look around to find someone else to take care of it.  The prinicipal, perhaps?  Wasn’t she just here?  Then, you realize that you are the only adult in the room, and it is your job to stop inappropriate behavior.

Our Lives

Our Lives

I swallowed hard, squared my shoulders, and walked up the kids who were out of control.  I looked them in the eye as they paused and turned in my direction.  “We don’t do that here.  That is inappropriate behavior.  Please stop.”

They complied, casting a few furtive looks in my direction as I retreated to the sideline.  When other adults returned, I reported the incident and the evening continued without further problem.

Others asked me how I was able to act in that moment.

1)    It was my job for the evening to chaperone, and I took that seriously.

2)    I did not care if the kids were angry at me.  Although, when I found out that the young man in question was 17 or 18 years old, I did ask a male chaperone to escort me to my car when the event ended.

3)    If I were the parent of another student there, I would have wanted a chaperone to take the same action.

4)    Strength was mine for the asking – through prayer.

When you know the right thing to do, and you are prepared, do you take action?  I will confess that there have been many times when I have not done so.  Too often.  But, I am hoping that this example will inspire you to do the same – and remind me that I am capable.  So are you.

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  • Myron Miller

    August 29, 2014 at 7:20 am

    Excellent article. In my international business career, I encountered what I called “critical incidents,” when there was just a fraction of a second to act, and do the right thing. No time to ponder or study, just act. Some times the reputation of the company is at stake.

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