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Simple Five-Star Idea: Go on the Offensive

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Our Work

Our Work

When we make a promise to customers, vendors, or employees, they remember it!  If circumstances change our ability to keep our promise, it is best to go on the offensive and communicate clearly with everyone involved.

Recently, I had a verbal contract with a service provider to produce documents by a federally-mandated deadline.  I chose this person because of her innovative and cost-effective approach to the task.  In the end, the work was great and met my expectations.  However, she was very slow in returning calls and responding to emails, which created anxiety and frustration for me.  There were reasonable explanations for her delays, but she never communicated them until the project was finished.  The net effect is that I will not be using her services in the future.

A few weeks ago, I was incredibly stressed by the differences inherent in my new computer, and the ways in which the software interacts with the needs of my blog.  So, I went on the offensive and emailed subscribers that there would be no more blogs posted until I worked through the difficulties.  I was better able to focus on the problem at hand, and was again posting blogs on schedule within a week.

We want our customers and clients to like us, to need us and to want to keep buying from us.  Thus, we need to communicate delays or problems with them before they feel compelled to ask what was going on.  We need imagine ourselves in their situation.

“As you would like people to do to you, do exactly so to them.”

Luke 6:31 (World English Bible)

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