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Reinforce Your Company Name and Contact Information

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The van in front of me at the red light had a list of services on its back doors. With nothing else to look at, I read the list. Hmm. We could use some of those services! But, wait. There was no company name, phone number or website address.

What is missing?!

What is missing?!

At the next light, I was beside the same vehicle. There was a company name, but no city, phone number or website address!

Where is the contact information?

Where is the contact information?

The company had made the effort to publicize its name and tagline, but not the information that would allow me to get in touch with them. It was an unfortunate oversight!

How many opportunities has this business lost by excluding important contact information?

Obviously, a company name, logo, and the simplest contact information (i.e., a phone number and a web address) should be included in all advertising. What additional marketing opportunities are you missing?


Consider these opportunities to reinforce your name and contact information:

o    Company vehicles.

o    Every page on a website.

o    Every page in a catalog.

o    Printed stationery, including invoices and envelopes.

o    Signage on buildings/property.

o    Email auto signature(s).


Your company name and contact information are critical. Before you move on with your day, make plans to expand and improve their placement!


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