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Opportunities Taken

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Recently, we looked at several ways to identify needs that could become opportunities for your business.  Soon after writing those words, I boarded a plane for two weeks of touring in Alaska.  Examples of “opportunities taken” were everywhere – far too many to share them all.  Here are a few:


Vendors at the Dallas Airport has both expected and unexpected products for travelers.


Of course, there were products that are directly related to travel.

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A name-brand restaurant has a special service to get their food into the hands of hungry, time-challenged travelers.

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These two were new to me.

A quiet and comfortable place to sleep when stranded between flights.

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A wide selection of nail polish in a stand-alone dispenser offers a creative way to be productive, or simply pass the time.

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Barrow, a small, remote city on the Arctic Ocean, can only be accessed by air, water, or sled team.

Of course, there is a need for good tour services.

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And, someone transports and sells consumer goods to the top of the world, even though that adds a lot to the cost!

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For comparison, here is the same product in Fairbanks:

Alaska phone download 080514 463

In summer, tourists want to get to the top of the mountain for the views.  So, why not keep the trams running, helping to cover overhead during non-skiing months?

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What needs are out there that you might be able to fill?

What examples have you seen in your travels?


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