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Make Them Happy

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The weather was terrible while we waited in line. The warm hospitality inside made this worthwhile!

The weather was terrible while we waited in line. The warm hospitality inside made this worthwhile!

“My job is to make you happy,” our waitress said with a genuine smile.

When is the last time someone told you that? In an authentic way?

Is this what your small business does? Do you work hard to make each customer happy?

When we tap into our target audience, the best way to sell our products and services is to make them happy. Not only will they be satisfied with the purchase, but they will be more likely to:  1) buy again, and 2) recommend you to others.  For example:

o    A specialty auto company did not charge my husband for several hours of work because they were unable to fix the problem. They cared more about his return visits than making money that day.

o    A hardware store clerk left his perch behind the counter to help me identify which $3.00 item was the most appropriate for my needs.

o    A landscaper patiently explained to a newly-transplanted homeowner that the type of grass he wanted was not the best choice for the area’s climate.

In a world where consumers are worn down by overseas service reps with difficult-to-understand accents, small businesses have a wonderful opportunity to enhance customer loyalty by offering high-quality, personalized, face-to-face attention. This can generate tremendous amounts of good will!

Can we make everyone happy? Probably not, because there are some very unreasonable people out there! However, we can listen intently to every one of our customers, so that we can ensure that all of their concerns have been heard. And, we can try our very best to satisfy them.

Are you working to make people happy?

My thanks go to our waitress at Hoskin’s, a terrific, homey restaurant in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Her top-notch service inspired this post. She made us very happy!


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