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Living Up to Our Potential

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One of my frequent uses of my smart phone is Twitter. You can join me there!

One of my frequent uses of my smart phone is Twitter. You can join me there!

About a year ago, every member of my family got a new smart phone. We all love them, there is no doubt about that! However, there is a wide variance in the extent to which each of us understands and uses the device.

I am not much of a phone explorer, and am somewhat slow to embrace the newest technology. I spend most of my phone time on the basics: the camera, email, Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, phone calls. I listen to my family members and learn from their evolving phone habits. They prod me into new applications and uses, but I have barely scratched the surface.

Very focused on his particular needs, our son primarily uses his phone for communication – and rarely to talk. He texts and messages his friends, family and graduate school colleagues. If we want to know if he is still alive, we reach out to him by text!

On the other hand, our daughter loves to explore the nuances of various social media. If I have a question about the ones I use, she is my go-to person. She also spends time researching her areas of interest on the internet, often sharing her new discoveries with me.

My husband is always looking for and downloading new apps. And, he is our family IT expert. If I need help in operating my smart phone, or have encountered complications, he is the first one I ask!

In general, each of us has a life that is eerily similar to a smart phone. We have talent – even gifts – but we do not always discover them, much less use them. Some of us stick with what we know. Others of us are great explorers.


How willing are you to explore your life and the world around you?

Do you seek out ways to use your gifts and talents?

Are you willing to learn, change and adapt?


Until we meet again,

The Entrepreneur’s Friend


P.S. My thanks to Pastor David Goehring for inspiration!


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