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Is Our Anger Helpful?

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There are a lot of angry people. Too, too many.

We are angry when others condemn a choice we have made.

We are angry when others condemn us through the labels they put on us.

We are angry when our views are not understood.

We are angry because people and institutions we believed in have let us down.

We are angry because life has not given us what we believe we have been promised.

We are angry that we do not have more – more things, more love, more hope.

We are angry at others.

We are angry at ourselves.

Our Lives

Our Lives

It is an everyday occurrence to see good people, Christians, praise God – then turn around and say incredibly nasty, unproductive things to others. Even to other Christians. This is not righteous anger that informs the uninformed, gets the attention of the uninvolved, or challenges those on the sidelines to participate. This is pure meanness.

When we are angry, we are not stronger, we are not better, we are not effective.

How can we focus productively on our purpose? On the issues God is calling us to address – both internal and external?

We must give our anger to God, even if we have to do it again and again – every hour if necessary. Prayer helps us change so that we can reflect God’s love, letting go of our personal anger, frustration and disappointment in order to do what he wants us to do. He also nurtures and strengthens us as we study God’s Word, and participate in a community of believers.

As a result, we will:

Condemn less.

Label less.

Understand more.

Forgive more.

Expect less.

Desire less.

Love more.

Do more.

Are you ready to give up your anger?


Until we meet again,

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  • Ellen Kennedy

    August 16, 2015 at 8:10 am

    I can count on the fingers of one hand the time when anger has been worth expressing. All the other times, it only served to make things much worse. Great column!

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