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I Will Be Your Sam

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Samwise Gamgee is one of my favorite fictional characters, and I am not alone in that choice. Do you know him? Although Sam is a Hobbit – a not-quite-human being – he is an earnest, loyal, brave, hard-working character in the three-book series, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein.

In the books, Sam’s friend, Frodo, takes on a dangerous mission to save Middle Earth from the growing forces of evil. Sam volunteers to be his loyal aide

Our Lives

Our Lives

. Together, after going in circles and risking their lives many times, they ultimately succeed. Middle Earth is saved!

Years ago, at a non-profit where I volunteered, there was bad news. Someone needed to tell our leader, even though it would be very hard for her to hear. Somehow, I ended up being that person. I did not want to hurt her, but there was no way around telling her – and, better to come from me than some others who had malice in mind.

However, I could not accomplish my goal alone. I needed someone to do background research for me, so that my presentation would be both sound and complete. Thus, I called the group’s treasurer and asked for his help.

“I feel just like Frodo,” I told him. “I know this has to be done, but I am not sure I am up to the task.”

“I will be your Sam,” he quickly replied. What an unexpected relief! I had a partner to help me – to have my back. To make sure I stayed the course. Ultimately, we were successful as a team.


Do you have a Sam in your life, when you are feeling burdened?

Have you ever taken on Sam’s role – sharing someone else’s load when you were not required to do so?

Serving others as Sam served Frodo is a high calling – essential to a successful mission.


Until we meet again,

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