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Give Simple, Timely Thanks

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Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the season.

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the season.

In case you have been too busy to notice, Thanksgiving is almost here! And, yes, that means Christmas is just around the corner. Whether or not this is your busiest business season, life and work are about to get very hectic!

Before you forget — you may want to do a simple thing that can be quite meaningful to the recipient. Find a minute to say a heartfelt “Thank you!”  

Pick up the phone – or send a quick email – to one or more people who are essential to your business, such as a:

o    Key client.

o    Valued vendor.

o    Business partner.

o    Critical employee.

o    Industry friend.

o    Personal mentor.

Perhaps you want to thank your family for putting up with your unpredictable hours and the distractions created by business ownership.

Keep it simple – and genuine.  We all like to hear that our efforts are noticed and appreciated. As a result, relationships can be solidified.

Who will you contact – right now?


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