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Developing Our “Basketball Eyes”

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So much to see!

So much to see!

Last Friday night was a big night for the Wheaton family! My husband and I attended our first ACC basketball game of the season. We love college ball, and will happily attend any local game when we have an opportunity to get tickets. Otherwise, we hunker down in front of our big-screen television, bought specifically for basketball enjoyment.

As we reached our seats, the stadium had already become boisterously alive with excitement. The fans were thrilled to be part of the energy and tradition!

The players gathered at center court for the tip-off. The crowd was literally bouncing up and down with enthusiasm. The referee tossed the ball up, the game clock started, and the players began to dart across the court. Suddenly, I realized that I did not have my “basketball eyes.” No, not my binoculars. Rather, my mental focus on the ins and outs of basketball. You see, since the season ended this past April, I have not thought about my favorite spectator sport. I had forgotten about the pros and cons of a zone defense. I had not studied the newest recruits in detail. I was a little rusty as to which of last year’s players were still on the team.

I was happy to be there – watching, cheering, chanting. However, I was well aware that my enjoyment and satisfaction will increase as the season progresses, because my “basketball eyes” will return.

But, my realization does not just apply to basketball.

As an adult who had never worked as a babysitter in my youth, or had younger siblings, I had to observe, question and study in order to become a good parent.

Although I am a lifelong Christian, only recently have I discovered the extent to which Bible study and dedicated prayer time enhance my understanding of God, my worship experiences, and my relationships.

After I married in my mid-thirties, I chose to be intentional about communication, resolving conflict, and expressing love.

As a business owner, I have had to develop new skills in order to translate ideas into satisfying work products.


Is there something you need to be more intentional about?

What “eyes” do you need to develop?

Which “eyes” do you use regularly?


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