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Civility at the Gym

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Attitude can be as important as the amount of weight we can physically handle.

Attitude can be as important as the amount of weight we can physically handle.

There are a lot of people who do not like to go to a gym. Too much testosterone. Too many sweaty people. Well, I do have sweaty people at my gym, but just about all of them are really nice – and a lot of them look more like me than the body-builder stereotype. So, I am quite comfortable.

Last Friday, I arrived at the gym during a busy period. Next to me was a fit young man who was several inches shorter than I. He had carefully selected the weights for his deadlift bar. He lined each piece up in the order he would need it, and began lifting.

A couple of minutes later, another fit young man came up and asked the first if he could slide in, each using the equipment to do a set of lifts while the other rested between sets. Given that #2 was a much larger person than #1, I expected #1 to express a preference that #2 wait until he was finished. After all, it was obvious that the amount of weight would need to be adjusted every time they switched places.

But, he did not deflect. #1 graciously said yes — without pausing. From that point on, the two of them worked together, taking weights off and putting them on the barbell as they took turns. Few words were needed. They were like a well-oiled machine.

That lesson from kindergarten about taking turns – it still applies!


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