• When Work Goes Wrong

    It is inevitable:  Mistakes happen.  People fail.  Accidents occur.  When work goes wrong we - the small business owners - have to fix it.  The buck stops with us. Valuable lessons on handling problems were taught to me early in my career.  I want to give credit (and thanks!) to all of the managers I worked with at L’eggs Products (now Sara Lee Direct).  The following principles describe that environment. #1 – Put controls in place to ...

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  • Lessons from a Butterfly Bush

    I was not impressed the first time I saw a butterfly bush in our Colorado yard.  The spindly branches were dried out and the leaves long gone.  Jim and I had no idea what it was and decided to cut it way back until the spring, when we would dig up the roots and plant something new.  Little did we know what would happen, or what could be learned about building a successful small business.

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  • Problems Present Marketing Opportunities

    When the inevitable problem crops up, it is easy to focus on the challenge rather than ways to help drive revenue in the days to come.  A little forethought can prepare us to act if it turns out that a problem presents a marketing opportunity. Spend some time on contingency planning for your small business.  First of all, what would a major ...

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  • Assuring Access

      My friend is married to a wise entrepreneur.  She was thinking of opening a second location for her specialty store in our area.  Recently, when touring a possible location to lease, she asked about parking.  “How many dedicated spaces would I have?” “Eleven.  But, we always send customers over to park in the shopping center lot next door.” “Have you worked out a deal with ...

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  • Do Unto Others

    Every small business owner wants to be paid on time, or even early.  But, how good are we at paying our vendors on time? One of our best long-term consulting clients was the owner of a fast-growing private enterprise.  He told us many times how much he loved our work.  But, his appreciation was best demonstrated by his quick payment of our ...

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  • Without Fail

    Small businesses must produce revenue and, ultimately, profit to succeed.  What is one thing that must be done on a timely basis in order to make this happen? Send out invoices to customers! For retail companies, most payments are received at the time of purchase.  But, many of us generate revenue in a different way.  We have relatively fewer customers, whether we are physicians, electricians, child care operators or consultants. When the last day of the month comes, ...

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  • The Music Teacher’s Changes

    Recently, you’ve read about the problems our music teacher had, along with the lesson on small business ownership and basic economics that she received from my husband – all while they were at the court house for jury duty.  Jim told me about their conversation when he got home, and we speculated as to which changes, if any, she might implement.  He ...

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  • Tune In

    Life as a small business owner can be terribly isolating.  We focus on building our business, our customers and our employees as the months and years seem to disappear.  If we are not careful, we may miss out on new opportunities that could enhance our productivity, as well as profitability. The world is changing – fast!  Competition grows.  Technology evolves.  If we stay the same then we are falling behind. One of the best ways to keep ...

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  • World’s Best Ad

    My husband has often said that I “dragged him kicking and screaming” into the world of self-employment in 2000.  I have to remind him that he became a successful entrepreneur in 1973. Seventeen words in a local newspaper put my husband through four years of private college.  Before you get too excited, remember that ...

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  • Building Blocks for Success

    It is not hard to become an entrepreneur.  Some do it because there are no other viable options at a point in time:  we don’t want to move, we were “right-sized” out of a job, or our employer closed.  Others are fortunate enough to develop or find an incredible product, or identify a needed service. It can be very hard to become a successful entrepreneur. Many of us have a skill or talent that is in demand, ...

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