• A Character Trait Every Entrepreneur Needs

    Have you ever questioned your self-employment? Perhaps you have times when you feel that you should give it up. Your energy and enthusiasm are waning. This happens to all of us from time to time, especially when we are disappointed by the sales volume or profit generated by our efforts. Recently, I met someone who, in casual conversation, gave me the

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  • Make Them Happy

    “My job is to make you happy,” our waitress said with a genuine smile. When is the last time someone told you that? In an authentic way? Is this what your small business does? Do ...

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  • Danger Zone: A Company Out of Balance

    What an incredible job this company does! Beautiful work. I am not sure how they get each installation to fit so perfectly. The two people who own this small business work incredibly hard, having built their operation on a shoestring. There is much to admire about the way that they operate. Their products are relatively expensive, but offer extremely-high quality – thus, ...

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  • Writing a Book is Eerily Similar to Starting a Business

    At long last, my first book has been published! (More on that later.) I have always viewed authors as small business owners. Now I can attest that the process of writing, publishing and marketing a book is eerily similar to starting a small business: o   We must start with an idea. Then we must grow it, focusing and refining ...

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  • Words Matter: How Do You Encourage Your Team?

    Whether your small business “team” consists of paid employees or outside contractors, the verbal messages they are given matter.  This was reinforced to me this week as I observed communication and teamwork at its best. My husband and I have been sprucing up our home a bit.  After seventeen years, it was in need of a minor facelift, and part of that ...

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  • Opportunities Taken

    Recently, we looked at several ways to identify needs that could become opportunities for your business.  Soon after writing those words, I boarded a plane for two weeks of touring in Alaska.  Examples of “opportunities taken” were everywhere – far too many to share them all.  Here are a few:   Vendors at the Dallas Airport has both expected and unexpected products for travelers.   Of course, there were products that ...

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  • Our Work: Garbage In, Garbage Out

    A small business can become clogged with unwanted or unnecessary refuse.  Our job is to keep it from degrading our productivity.  There are several kinds of garbage – both literal and figurative -- that can sink our businesses if we are not careful. Over-Scheduling Managing our calendar is essential.  It can be difficult to keep our attention on the most important ...

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  • What Do You Need to Adjust?

    The first half of the calendar year is over.  Done.  It cannot be changed. If you have reflected on the performance of your small business year-to-date, you must have identified one or more concerns, or opportunities to make adjustments, going forward. Changes do not have to be big or time-consuming to be effective! The coming ...

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  • Is Your Business on Track for the Year?

      June 25th!  Where has this year gone?  We are half-way through the calendar year, which is the fiscal (budget) year for most small businesses. How is your year going?  Are you meeting your sales goals?  Are your business plans in good shape for the second half of the year?   This is an excellent time to take a moment and evaluate your status.  Whether ...

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  • Simple Five-Star Idea: Go on the Offensive

    When we make a promise to customers, vendors, or employees, they remember it!  If circumstances change our ability to keep our promise, it is best to go on the offensive and communicate clearly with everyone involved. Recently, I had a verbal contract with a service provider to produce documents by a federally-mandated deadline.  I chose this person because of her innovative and ...

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