• World’s Best Ad

    My husband has often said that I “dragged him kicking and screaming” into the world of self-employment in 2000.  I have to remind him that he became a successful entrepreneur in 1973. Seventeen words in a local newspaper put my husband through four years of private college.  Before you get too excited, remember that ...

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  • Look At These Before You Decide

    How is your small business "positioned" in the marketplace?  We have looked at  Three Top Picks For Positioning:  A) price, B) quality and C) variety.  In addition, consider three more:  D) value, E) convenience and F) emotional connection.   D. Value Value implies that buyers will be satisfied that they have paid a fair price.  Their purchase will not fall apart or quickly fail, and is priced in the middle of the range for similar products ...

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  • The Big Three: Top Picks for Positioning

    Most businesses focus on one of three primary “positionings” in order to define themselves – and their products – for their target market. (See

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  • Build It and They Might Come – Positioning Your Business

    Some entrepreneurs count on a good product to generate success. “Build it and they will come” is their business plan. “Build it and they might come,” would be more appropriate. Buyers will not come unless you can frame the product in a way ...

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  • Finding Your Target Audience

    Identifying the Target Audience for your start-up or small business is an important step. Picture a friend, family member, or acquaintance who is very likely to purchase and enjoy your product. Begin building a profile including age, marital status, gender and presence of children. Add demographics, psychographics and firmographics as appropriate. (See What Is Your ...

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  • Identifying Potential Buyers: What Is Your Target Market?

    Entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to focus on their product or service.  But, to generate sales, there is another important consideration. What is your target market? What does that mean? The target market (or target audience) is the group of potential buyers of your product or service who are most likely to be interested and make a purchase.  If you can identify your ...

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  • Why Does Your Business Exist?

    When someone asks you why your business exists, do you have to think about the answer? If so, you need a Mission Statement! A Mission Statement (MS) consists of one or two succinct sentences describing your business and should be included near the top of your business plan. It is your concise answer to, “Tell me about your business.” Entrepreneurs and small ...

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  • Elements of a Business Plan

    Don’t let the idea of developing a business plan intimidate you – it is the foundation of successful entrepreneurship.  A plan serves as a road map, enabling you to recognize and think through critical issues.  Every small business owner should have a written plan! Business plans do not have to be elaborate or long.  They should be legible and lasting.  (So, if you write on the back of ...

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  • Formalizing Business Objectives

    We all set objectives for our small business, whether we recognize it or not. These objectives are probably what drove us into being entrepreneurs in the first place: I don’t want to move! My brother-in-law wants me to work with him. I need to make enough money to send our kids to college. This looks like something I could do. My body hurts too much to keep up my old job. These ...

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  • Building Blocks for Success

    It is not hard to become an entrepreneur.  Some do it because there are no other viable options at a point in time:  we don’t want to move, we were “right-sized” out of a job, or our employer closed.  Others are fortunate enough to develop or find an incredible product, or identify a needed service. It can be very hard to become a successful entrepreneur. Many of us have a skill or talent that is in demand, ...

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