• Viability After Expenses

    As entrepreneurs know, making money is a great thing!.  But, it only matters if you create more revenue than expenses.  It can be easy to ignore some of those pesky costs – at least for a while.  In the long run, they will always catch up with you. One of the values of a Financial Plan is that it forces us, if we are honest with ourselves, to face ...

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  • Proving Viability – Income Assumptions

    We create Financial Plans as part of the Business Plan so that we can deal with the chaos of uncertainty in an orderly way.  As entrepreneurs and small business owners, the future is never crystal clear.  Thus, we want to come up with reasonable assumptions that reflect our best possible understanding of the next two to five years based on the

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  • Get Ready for the Financial Plan

    We’ve developed most of the Business Plan, but the fruit of that labor is putting numbers to the assumptions and seeing if we can make money.  After all, entrepreneurs and small business owners go through all of the effort, and take the sometimes-significant risks, in order to generate income for ourselves and others.  If our plans do not prove that, we need to re-think them. Our family was fortunate to ...

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  • Identifying the Critical Path

    As entrepreneurs, we all take business trips on occasion – across town, across the ocean, or beyond.  When we get ready for a trip, planning is always helpful.  We double-check that we have the cell phone, briefcase and reservation information.  We don’t want to start down the road and discover that the gas tank is ...

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  • What Next?

    The development of a Business Plan forces us to identify ways to help our small businesses grow and improve.  Particularly for entrepreneurs, the crush of daily crises and essential tasks can make it easy to let your strategic (i.e., long-term) needs slide.  Self-employed people tend to run leaner operations, perhaps without any employees in the beginning.  So, on top of everything else, delegation is difficult, if not impossible. As you’ve ...

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  • Dreams Meet Reality: Strengths and Weaknesses

    We entrepreneurs tend to be dreamers, and that is a critically-important attribute.   But, we get ourselves into trouble when we do not evaluate our selves, our opportunities and our small businesses in a realistic way.  Thus, one of the most important ...

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  • Tactics To Move Business Forward

    A Business Plan is not a document for entrepreneurs and small business owners to put on the shelf and think about occasionally.  Rather, it is a tool that will define and prioritize the processes our businesses can and should take in order to become more successful.  We’ve covered several key elements:  Objectives, Mission Statement, ...

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  • Formulating Business Strategies

    Every self-employed person should have a Business Plan to force us to think through ways to make our businesses stronger.  We’ve looked at Objectives and Mission Statements for small business owners.  Strategies are also important for that Plan to be effective. What is a Strategy?  To put it simply, each Strategy is a broad look at the ideas, concepts or changes ...

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  • Why We Need Marketing

    You, like me, are self-employed.  You know your industry, your product, your target audience.  But, how can you get a handle on marketing?  There are so many choices – enough to boggle the entrepreneur’s mind! First of all, think about what you want to accomplish by spending money on marketing.  What are your marketing goals?    Here are two critical reasons why marketing in some form is needed by small business: #1 – We need ...

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  • The Time For Change Is Now

    Now, while all of us are in the thick of tax preparation for last year, is the perfect time to think ahead.  What can we, as small business owners, do to make this whole process easier next year?  And the year after that! Did you know that self-employed people have a higher than average rate of tax audits?  One of the first things I did when I started my own consulting business in 1989 was to meet with ...

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