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  • A Character Trait Every Entrepreneur Needs

    Have you ever questioned your self-employment? Perhaps you have times when you feel that you should give it up. Your energy and enthusiasm are waning. This happens to all of us from time to time, especially when we are disappointed by the sales volume or profit generated by our efforts. Recently, I met someone who, in casual conversation, gave me the

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  • Invest in Planning Before Investing Dollars

    Planning is underrated! Evaluating an opportunity on paper can save time, money and frustration for entrepreneurs who seek to start a new business or expand an existing one. Planning does not have to be overwhelming. Here are three examples where planning can be very effective: o    Industry conferences can be well worth the cost, but they can also be a huge disappointment ...

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  • Understanding Your Business: Cash Flow Matters

    Developing an accurate Profit & Loss statement is a good start, but small business owners must continually monitor their cash position. An all-to-common landmine for entrepreneurs is a shortage of cash to pay the bills. If this goes on for an extended period of time, the result may well be bankruptcy or dissolution. Positive ...

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  • When Are You Open For Business?

    Do your prospects and customers know when they can reach you? For the self-employed, there is a difference between the hours in which we are working, and the hours in which we can be reached by prospects and customers. The former is likely to be longer – perhaps much ...

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  • Make Them Happy

    “My job is to make you happy,” our waitress said with a genuine smile. When is the last time someone told you that? In an authentic way? Is this what your small business does? Do ...

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  • A Compassion Marketing Home Run!

    Today I connected in a new way with a large corporation. Really connected. I think more highly of this company than in the past, and will shop there whenever I need their products. I offer this tale as a challenge to small business ...

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  • Does Compassion Marketing Make Sense for Your Business?

    Back in 1985, I was so surprised by an ad in Advertising Age that I cut it out and filed it. “If we give up one client lunch this week,” it reads, “we can feed a million people in Ethiopia.” Recently, I found my copy and was struck by the subsequent growth of similar ties to non-profits by ...

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  • Understanding Your Business: Count the Cost

    Are you in business to make a profit? That may sound like a silly question, but it is remarkable how many people do not look at the numbers related to their small business. Some are not sure of their financial results and they are afraid ...

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  • Danger Zone: A Company Out of Balance

    What an incredible job this company does! Beautiful work. I am not sure how they get each installation to fit so perfectly. The two people who own this small business work incredibly hard, having built their operation on a shoestring. There is much to admire about the way that they operate. Their products are relatively expensive, but offer extremely-high quality – thus, ...

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  • Marketing 101: No Apology Necessary

    Business ownership requires many strategic decisions. Often they involve product (or service) design, selection and pricing. We have to make careful choices in light of our costs and our competition. Some months ago, I was at a book fair, offering encouragement to young writers. Several published authors were there, offering free advice and selling their printed books. One gentleman writer kept apologizing ...

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