• A Day to Reflect

    Twelve years ago our lives changed on a beautiful September day.  A lot has happened since then for the United States as a nation and the status of our economy. Today, let’s reflect on what is good about our opportunities and the freedom we have to take advantage of them. I want to challenge us all to move past our difficulties, keep all that ...

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  • Driving Lessons: Effective Marketing on the Open Road

    Whether we are vacationing or commuting, there are marketing lessons all along the road.  During a recent trip, when car trouble forced me to drive more slowly than usual, there were plenty of opportunities to study ads seeking drivers on the back of trucks as they passed and pulled in front of me.  One ad was particularly striking.  ...

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  • When Work Goes Wrong

    It is inevitable:  Mistakes happen.  People fail.  Accidents occur.  When work goes wrong we - the small business owners - have to fix it.  The buck stops with us. Valuable lessons on handling problems were taught to me early in my career.  I want to give credit (and thanks!) to all of the managers I worked with at L’eggs Products (now Sara Lee Direct).  The following principles describe that environment. #1 – Put controls in place to ...

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  • Recognize Opportunities to Shine

      Back in the corporate world, my co-workers and I used to frame presentations to senior management as “opportunities to shine.”  In the world of self-employment, there is no management to impress.  However, there are many, many chances to show potential buyers (or clients) that you and your company do good work. These situations need to be recognized and used.  That does not ...

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  • Lessons from a Butterfly Bush

    I was not impressed the first time I saw a butterfly bush in our Colorado yard.  The spindly branches were dried out and the leaves long gone.  Jim and I had no idea what it was and decided to cut it way back until the spring, when we would dig up the roots and plant something new.  Little did we know what would happen, or what could be learned about building a successful small business.

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  • Problems Present Marketing Opportunities

    When the inevitable problem crops up, it is easy to focus on the challenge rather than ways to help drive revenue in the days to come.  A little forethought can prepare us to act if it turns out that a problem presents a marketing opportunity. Spend some time on contingency planning for your small business.  First of all, what would a major ...

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  • What Does An Email Address Say?

      An email address will get more exposure than most advertising.  It is on business cards – but, more importantly, it is on every email written or received.  What message should it deliver? In small business development, every “touch point” created for the target market has potential value.  The goal: turn a prospect into a customer or ...

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  • The Music Teacher’s Changes

    Recently, you’ve read about the problems our music teacher had, along with the lesson on small business ownership and basic economics that she received from my husband – all while they were at the court house for jury duty.  Jim told me about their conversation when he got home, and we speculated as to which changes, if any, she might implement.  He ...

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  • Marketing 101: Color Choice Matters

    When establishing a start-up, or sprucing up an existing small business, color choice is an early and important step on the path to strong and consistent marketing.  We need to choose colors deliberately. Color conveys a message about your business.  It may enhance the message or image – or it may detract.  For instance: Environmental products often reflect earth tones of green, beige or blue.  Gray and red would not add to the “green” statement ...

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  • Marketing 101: Get To The Point

    Targeted media, solid ideas and great products are sometimes buried in an overabundance of words.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners, in particular, can be prone to rambling.  When you have a strong concept or product, make sure you get that across clearly and concisely.  Once you grab the attention of your Target Audience, you can share more.   Be concise in your marketing materials: Cut out extra words. Sometimes we are so proud of ...

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