• Driving Lessons: Check the Rear-View Mirror

    A week ago, I had a terrifying reminder of how driving a car is similar to running a business.  We, the self-employed, need to keep an eye on the road and on our destination.  However, my most recent revelation had to do with the importance of checking the rear-view mirror. En route to deliver our son ...

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  • Driving Lessons: Quick Changes in Focus

      Our eyes are incredible assets.  This is never more apparent than when driving a vehicle on the road.  As small business owners, we can learn from the quick changes in focus that our eyes make without conscious thought. When driving, whether locally or long-distance, we have three goals:  1) drive safely, 2) look for ...

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  • Business Etiquette 101: Personal Space

      Many small business owners have never lived in the corporate world, but there are basics of business etiquette that are appropriate for all of us.  Even if we love our work, it is good to remember that we are not interacting with our loved ones!  I work with my husband and would never consider a “familiar” gesture towards him in a ...

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  • When Work Goes Wrong

    It is inevitable:  Mistakes happen.  People fail.  Accidents occur.  When work goes wrong we - the small business owners - have to fix it.  The buck stops with us. Valuable lessons on handling problems were taught to me early in my career.  I want to give credit (and thanks!) to all of the managers I worked with at L’eggs Products (now Sara Lee Direct).  The following principles describe that environment. #1 – Put controls in place to ...

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  • Lessons from a Butterfly Bush

    I was not impressed the first time I saw a butterfly bush in our Colorado yard.  The spindly branches were dried out and the leaves long gone.  Jim and I had no idea what it was and decided to cut it way back until the spring, when we would dig up the roots and plant something new.  Little did we know what would happen, or what could be learned about building a successful small business.

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  • What Does An Email Address Say?

      An email address will get more exposure than most advertising.  It is on business cards – but, more importantly, it is on every email written or received.  What message should it deliver? In small business development, every “touch point” created for the target market has potential value.  The goal: turn a prospect into a customer or ...

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  • The Music Teacher’s Problem

    Several years ago, a music teacher and the parent of a former student started chatting while awaiting possible selection for their county’s jury pool.  At the time, neither of them foresaw the positive changes that would take place as a result of their conversation. The music teacher is a classic small-business owner with a big constraint.  In her line of work, she ...

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  • Proving Viability – Income Assumptions

    We create Financial Plans as part of the Business Plan so that we can deal with the chaos of uncertainty in an orderly way.  As entrepreneurs and small business owners, the future is never crystal clear.  Thus, we want to come up with reasonable assumptions that reflect our best possible understanding of the next two to five years based on the

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  • Dreams Meet Reality: Strengths and Weaknesses

    We entrepreneurs tend to be dreamers, and that is a critically-important attribute.   But, we get ourselves into trouble when we do not evaluate our selves, our opportunities and our small businesses in a realistic way.  Thus, one of the most important ...

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  • Finding Your Target Audience

    Identifying the Target Audience for your start-up or small business is an important step. Picture a friend, family member, or acquaintance who is very likely to purchase and enjoy your product. Begin building a profile including age, marital status, gender and presence of children. Add demographics, psychographics and firmographics as appropriate. (See What Is Your ...

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