• What is Patriotism?

    Patriotism is viewed as corny by some, meaningless by others.  When I described myself to a friend as patriotic, she asked me what that meant.  She has become a citizen of the United States in recent years and was genuinely curious.  As a result, I have spent time formulating my answer – and here it is. Simply put, patriotism is an expression of faith in, support ...

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  • Expanding My Comfort Zone: Appalachian Service Project

    By signing up with Appalachian Service Project (ASP) through my church, I knew I would be stepping outside of my personal comfort zone.  I would leave a highly-predictable environment for an unfamiliar place, doing service work that would stretch me.  I knew ...

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  • Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

    As we go through life, we pick up multiple skills and develop our innate abilities.  Life becomes more predictable, and that relieves some of our stress.  We tend to gravitate to what we know, even in volunteer positions.  If we know finance, we cashier at the school bazaar or serve on ...

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  • Hypocrisy Can be a Good Thing

    Hypocrisy is most often associated with bad intentions.  Believing one thing and saying or doing something different is generally considered to be dishonest.  And, nobody likes a liar.  However, there are times when hypocrisy is not only warranted, but desirable.  When we embrace the traits we hope to incorporate into our own lives, we start changing for the better.  I refer ...

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  • Caution: User Error

    Errors happen.  Cautious people put safeguards in place to minimize those, often based on lessons learned from past experience. Whether we are in parenting mode, working in our small business, or undertaking a personal project, it can be frustrating when something goes awry.  If you are anything like me, your first thought may be, “Who made this mistake?!”  It is so easy ...

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  • Pass the Peace

    At my church, we are invited to “pass the peace” every Sunday during worship.  We turn to those around us, clasp hands, look into our fellow worshiper’s eyes and say, “The Peace of Christ be with you.”  The response is, “And also with you.” This practice is widely used in many Christian churches, for good reasons.  First, we welcome each other into ...

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  • Stunted Growth

    Mike was a very passionate man.  After 25 years of marriage and four children, he continued to shower his wife with praise, encouragement, and affection.  His wife’s favorite tree is the red maple.  He shared his excitement with me about having five of them planted across their ...

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  • Away From Grief: My Most Meaningful Easter

    On that Palm Sunday, I was full of anticipation.  I had no way of knowing that my week was about to change -- that my joy would turn to grief. I spent the first two days of Holy Week preparing our little family to visit my widowed mother, who lived 1,700 miles away.  It would be my first visit “home” since becoming a mother five ...

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  • Book Review: Women Heroes of World War II

      Looking for inspiration to a lead a life of courage?  Do you want a deeper understanding of what helped turn the desperate tide of world war into peace? If so, I have a suggestion for you: Women Heroes of World War II – 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue, by Kathryn J. Atwood. It is part of the “Women of Action” series from Chicago Review Press.

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  • Let It Rain: Sharing Resources

    We have had an unusual amount of rain in the Southeast over the past few weeks.  Yet, a few years ago we were in a drought, much as California is now.  There is plenty of rain, but it does not always fall where, and when, we would like.  So it is with all physical resources. Some ...

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