• When is the Last Time You Contemplated Your Character?

    Call me old fashioned, but character is something I seek – not only in myself but in those with whom I choose to work and socialize. The most successful entrepreneurs I know are those who seek to do their personal best. They have character:  honesty, empathy, leadership, commitment, integrity, and more. Recently, I heard an interview with Keith Ablow, MD, who is ...

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  • The Long-Term Impact of Today’s Decisions

    I am a very goal-oriented person, which has definitely helped me as an entrepreneur and small business owner.  This particular trait has also helped me as a parent, spouse and member of the community. From an early age I have evaluated important decisions in life from the perspective of being eighty years old.  “When I am eighty,” I ask myself, “how will I look back on this situation?  Will I be happy with my decision?  Will ...

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  • Feeling Overwhelmed?

    Not a surprise! Holiday time is near and you are a new entrepreneur or small business owner.  The stress can get to all of us when we are juggling our work and personal lives in this busy season. This is what I recommend for the week ahead: Resolve Thanksgiving plans What would you like to do in the spirit of thankfulness?  Coordinate with others to make it happen. If you are having a family Thanksgiving celebration, it could be a ...

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  • The Power of Enthusiasm

    More passion for our businesses results in a higher likelihood of success.  When we really care about what we do, it is never far from our thoughts.  And, that is a good thing. You can become truly engaged with your business: Find an aspect that challenges you in new ways:  learning a new industry, designing a new product, or getting to know new people. Concentrate on the people who will use and appreciate your ...

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  • Life Keys To Business Success

    To be effective entrepreneurs, we need to strengthen ourselves – body, mind and spirit.  Some of that we can do for ourselves.  But, we also need the support of those around us – friends, family, community and peers. Be thoughtful and intentional about how you spend your time.  Clear out as many of life’s distractions as you can.  Let go of the things that may not be that important, but take a lot of time.  This ...

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  • It’s Not Just About Work

    When we work for someone else – particularly in certain fields – work is work and home is home.  The week-nights and weekends are open.  The decisions about personal time management – or lack thereof – are ours.  When we are self-employed, and want to be successful, those lines blur.   Especially when our business is first getting started, in a slump ...

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