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Marketing 101: Can Your Target Market See You?

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Box turtles do their best to hide.

Box turtles do their best to hide.

Can your business be readily seen by your target market? Or, are you hidden from view? The box turtle is designed to blend into its surroundings for protection from predators. However, camouflage is the last thing a small business needs!

There are three essential aspects of visibility: where, what and how.


Where:  Do you have a presence in the logical places where someone in your target market would look for or find your products/services?

The Yellow Pages used to be the go-to place for local consumer resources such as plumbers, dry cleaners, appliance stores and repair services. These once-critical books have all but disappeared. At my house, they used to go into a drawer for reference. Now they go directly into the recycling bin.

Where do people look now? They may:

o  Search on-line.

o  Ask a friend or colleague.

o  Look at members-only resources, industry-specific websites or other targeted media.

o  Be influenced by social media.

If a member of your target audience takes any of these actions, will they find you? If not, how would they be able to find you?


What:  Do you include essential information, making it easy to connect?

Include contact information on every communication, listed by descending relevance for the typical target buyer. Be concise and consistent, selectively including the most relevant data:

o  Company name.

0  Tag line: a brief description of three to eight words.

o  Phone number.

o  Physical location.

o  Website, including contact information.

o  Email address.

o  Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

o  Contact name.


How:  Do you have a consistent look and visual appearance in order to build recognition over time?

Develop and show the face of your business. Every view should be recognizable in terms of color, use of name/logo and brief description (i.e., tag line). The impact of various efforts will build as additional impressions or touch points reach your buyers.


A turtle often withdraws into its shell.

If you are worried about your business, do not hide! Make sure that your target audience can find, recognize and contact you when they are ready to buy.


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