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Building Personal Relationships with Customers

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A thoughtful, personal note can build relationship!

A thoughtful, personal note can build relationship!

Do you have a relationship with your customers? Research has shown that customer loyalty can be enhanced when customers believe that they are connected to you in a positive way. This is called “Relationship Marketing.”

The manager of my health club recently reinforced this with me. He was talking about new upgrades to the gym, making it more welcoming and more visually appealing. Then, he spoke of the importance of keeping existing clients, which is easier than finding new ones – for every business.

“I have a car salesman I am absolutely loyal to,” Jason began telling me of his inspiration. “I will buy all of my future cars from him!”

Why such loyalty?

This particular auto salesman sends a personal letter to Jason every year. He mentions Jason’s children by name and age, references Jason’s spouse, and asks how things are going with his job at the health club. The salesman proves that he truly knows who Jason is, and cares about him, his family, and – ultimately – his needs.

For Jason, this is highly unusual, and it is striking. Hence, his decision to buy all of his future cars from this man. Of course, this is also wonderful news for the owner of the dealership, and for the auto maker.

Do you have a relationship with your customers?

Do they like to hear from you, and – if applicable – from your employees?

How can you best use Relationship Marketing?


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