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  • The Power of Enthusiasm

    More passion for our businesses results in a higher likelihood of success.  When we really care about what we do, it is never far from our thoughts.  And, that is a good thing. You can become truly engaged with your business: Find an aspect that challenges you in new ways:  learning a new industry, designing a new product, or getting to know new people. Concentrate on the people who will use and appreciate your ...

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  • Formalizing Business Objectives

    We all set objectives for our small business, whether we recognize it or not. These objectives are probably what drove us into being entrepreneurs in the first place: I don’t want to move! My brother-in-law wants me to work with him. I need to make enough money to send our kids to college. This looks like something I could do. My body hurts too much to keep up my old job. These ...

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  • Life Keys To Business Success

    To be effective entrepreneurs, we need to strengthen ourselves – body, mind and spirit.  Some of that we can do for ourselves.  But, we also need the support of those around us – friends, family, community and peers. Be thoughtful and intentional about how you spend your time.  Clear out as many of life’s distractions as you can.  Let go of the things that may not be that important, but take a lot of time.  This ...

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  • Building Blocks for Success

    It is not hard to become an entrepreneur.  Some do it because there are no other viable options at a point in time:  we don’t want to move, we were “right-sized” out of a job, or our employer closed.  Others are fortunate enough to develop or find an incredible product, or identify a needed service. It can be very hard to become a successful entrepreneur. Many of us have a skill or talent that is in demand, ...

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  • It’s Not Just About Work

    When we work for someone else – particularly in certain fields – work is work and home is home.  The week-nights and weekends are open.  The decisions about personal time management – or lack thereof – are ours.  When we are self-employed, and want to be successful, those lines blur.   Especially when our business is first getting started, in a slump ...

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  • Congratulations! You are an entrepreneur. Now what?

    So, you’ve decided to start your own business – or grow the one you have.  You might own a medical or legal practice, a farm, a retail store, or a construction business.  Perhaps you don’t even think of your work as a “business” – you are an artist, writer, musician, caregiver, or pet-sitter.  You are an entrepreneur if you are paid ...

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