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  • What Circumstances Make a Company Name Important?

    Does a specific name matter to a business? It can matter a great deal, depending on the nature of the operation. Situations in which name selection is very important: o    A retail store/warehouse/outlet is hard to locate; and/or prospective customers need to search for contact information online. If the name is hard to remember, people will have difficulty locating and ...

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  • We Deserve It!

    We can think of so many ways to treat ourselves – a special event, a tasty dessert, a nap on the porch hammock, a box of popcorn at the movies, a bouquet of fresh flowers. We often justify splurges by telling ourselves that we deserve them – and I am not suggesting that we do ...

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  • Building Personal Relationships with Prospective Customers

    Last week, we reviewed an example of Relationship Marketing as it applies to existing customers. We definitely need our customers to buy again, but we also need to build ...

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  • Civility at the Gym

    There are a lot of people who do not like to go to a gym. Too much testosterone. Too many sweaty people. Well, I do have sweaty people at my gym, but just about all of ...

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  • Building Personal Relationships with Customers

    Do you have a relationship with your customers? Research has shown that customer loyalty can be enhanced when customers believe that they are connected to you in a positive way. This is called “Relationship Marketing.” The manager of my health club recently reinforced this with me. He was talking about new upgrades ...

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  • Numbers Can Talk — Are You Listening?

    How do you spend your personal/household money?  Do you know? Periodically, my husband I and update a spreadsheet that details our spending over the previous twelve months.  We had not done this since becoming empty-nesters, and recently decided it was time to review our expenses. There were plenty of surprises!  As happens with most analyses, the numbers “spoke” to us.  We were spending more than we thought ...

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  • Long-Term Security: Manage Your Profit Distributions

    What is one of the top reasons for business failure? The poor financial management of owners who use their small businesses as personal savings accounts. One of the most important rules of a business startup is to open a dedicated business bank account. Deposit an initial sum that serves as a capital account. The ...

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  • There are Comfortable Places Outside of Our Comfort Zones

    One of my favorite fictional families is the O’Leary family in Anne Tyler’s book, The Accidental Tourist. Most of the members are incapable of change. They call it the “O’Leary groove.”  The offspring, now grown, still live in their childhood home. ...

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  • A Character Trait Every Entrepreneur Needs

    Have you ever questioned your self-employment? Perhaps you have times when you feel that you should give it up. Your energy and enthusiasm are waning. This happens to all of us from time to time, especially when we are disappointed by the sales volume or profit generated by our efforts. Recently, I met someone who, in casual conversation, gave me the

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  • Who Encourages You?

    We all need words of encouragement from time to time. Just the right word at just the right time can give us hope, increase our sense of purpose and cement our determination. If we are fortunate, we live with people who do more than simply exist with us. They see our struggles and understand ...

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