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A Character Trait Every Entrepreneur Needs

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Our Work

Our Work

Have you ever questioned your self-employment? Perhaps you have times when you feel that you should give it up. Your energy and enthusiasm are waning. This happens to all of us from time to time, especially when we are disappointed by the sales volume or profit generated by our efforts.

Recently, I met someone who, in casual conversation, gave me the encouragement I needed to reinvigorate my efforts.

My new acquaintance pursued acting in Hollywood for twenty years, with some level of success. Acting is similar to writing, singing, dancing and designing – tremendous talent and ability does not come close to guaranteeing success! There are many people seeking employment in these areas. The talent supply greatly exceeds the number of opportunities for paid work.

Cole learned how to navigate through a maze of employment opportunities. He had great advice for anyone who is self-employed:  persistence pays off! The people who do not become discouraged by the lack of immediate success are the ones who are the most likely to find it – even though their success may take time.

In the same light, businesses have to keep reaching out to potential buyers. If you are feeling drained, step back and take a fresh look. Replenish your energy and passion. If one strategy or tactic is not effective, try another. Rethink and restructure the business plan, if necessary.

Persist. Persist. Persist.


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